Legal implications of converting the religion

1) A hindu girl wants to marry her Muslim Boyfriend. She can convert to Islam for marrying her boyfriend. Is it legal if she converts to Islam and then marry her Muslim boyfriend? 2) How long does it take to convert to Islam from Hinduism for her? Is her parents permission required for conversion to Islam even if she is an adult?

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If the girl is above 18 in age then no need for permission of parents required to convert her religion. It is not a time taking process. Marriage after conversion is valid and easy under the Mohammadan Law.

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Answer to query 1 -
Yes, it is legal to marry an adult professing different faith in India, provided that at the time of such marriage the male is twenty-one years and the female should be eighteen years, should not be within degrees of prohibited relationships and should be mentally sound.It is her Fundamental Right to choose any religion and change the same at her will. She can convert and revert at any time at her own will.
Answer to query 2 - Religion - Islam(meaning; Peace) its followers are known as 'Muslims". To covert to Islam a person has to strongly believe and say (in Arabic or any language) that "There's is only one God i.e. Allah and that Prophet Mohammad is the Messenger of God" and one is immediately accepted as a Muslim professing Islam.
Answer to query 3 - No permission from legal or lawful guardian is required in case of conversion from one religion to another.

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1) First of all any person who is a major (above 18 years) and is of sound mind can marry a person of his/her choice irrespective of the religion.
So yes a hindu girl can marry a muslim boy provided the girl is above 18 years and the boy is above 21 years. It is absolutely legal to convert and get married. However merely converting for the sake of marriage is not right, both legally and in Islam as well.
A person willing to convert to Islam must do so of his own free will and without any force or burden and faith is an essential part of conversion.

However even without conversion marriage between hindu girl and a muslim guy is possible as both partners can get their marriage registered under the Special Marriage Act. If they want to, both partners can have a wedding performed according to their own religious rites, for their own satisfaction. No conversion is required in this case.

The only issue in that case would be that Islam expressly forbids Muslim men from marrying women who aren't Muslims, Christians or Jews. So while a marriage according to special marriage act would be a perfectly valid marriage according to the laws of India, such a marriage would be no marriage under Muslim religious code and would be deemed to be an adulterous (and sinful) relationship.
However converting and getting married is absolutely legal.
Hope this clears the first question

Now coming to the second question
2) The process of conversion is not a long process.
The First Step is that She needs to go to the near Masjid/ nadwa in her Area/City and Take Shahada (Read Kalma) in presense of the Maulana and atleast two witness, on HER OWN FREE WILL.

Then the Maulana shall give her a Certificate of Conversion to Islam on the Masjids Letter head , stating the date and her name and address and details of witness.

Further the next step is to Make an Affidavit stating that she has converted to Islam on her own free will on so and so date and she may if she feels like also adopt a new muslim name.

Further she needs to file "Change of Religion" in Government GAZATTEE. which gets published in 15 days, also she may file Change of name application in Government Gazattee.

This is process for conversion to Islam.
And no if a girl is above 18 years then she does not need the permission of her parents for converting. The Constitution guarantees right to life and Liberty and freedom of religion so accordingly one is free to marry a person of his/her right and also follow a religion based on his/her free will.
Hope this is helpful.

If both are adult i.s boy 21 and girl 18
then it is very easy
they can solemnize marriage
after some formalities.
Regarding this both should have their age proof. If High school certificate available then bring with.
you have to come high court.
Come to me.
for more details call me

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