• Vyapam scam: Supreme Court cancels degrees of over 600 doctors

    February 14, 2017

    Supreme Court has cancelled the degrees of 634 doctors saying that the admissions obtained through a mass fraud under Vyapam scam cannot be overlooked. This decision was made in a matter of corruption in MBBS admissions in Madhya Pradesh between 2008 and 2012.

    "The actions of the appellants are founded on unacceptable behavior and in complete breach of rule of law. Their actions constitute acts of deceit... National character, in our considered view, cannot be sacrificed for benefits - individual or societal," said the bench, consisting of Chief Justice J S Khehar, Justices Kurian Joseph and Arun Mishra in an 83-page judgment.

    The bench further added, "If we desire to build a nation on the touchstone of ethics and character, and if our determined goal is to build a nation where only rule of law prevails, then we cannot accept the claim of the appellants (students) for suggested societal gains (by allowing them to keep the degrees on the condition of doing social service free of cost for some years)."

    Making a unanimous statement, Justice Khehar said that the bench has no difficulty in concluding in favor of rule of law, but fraud cannot be allowed to crush the plans of public good.

    The court also rejected a plea made by the students, wherein they said that they were ready to refund the financial gains received by them through studies in highly subsidized MBBS courses in governmental medical colleges in comparison to the fees they would have paid, had they been studying in private institution.

    All the admissions to MBBS courses between 2008 and 2012 were cancelled by the MP Professional Examination Board after bench comprising of J Chelameswar and AM Sapre found them to be illegal on May 12, 2016.

    While Justice Sapre had ordered cancellation of the admissions and annulling of the degrees, Justice Chelameswar had said since the students had completed their courses, it would be a national waste to annul the degrees. Therefore, the students were allowed to keep their degrees on a condition that they do not social service for a certain period of time.

    Because of this split verdict, the matter was placed before a three-judge bench of Justice Khehar, Joseph and Mishra.

    Writing the concordant judgment, Justice Khehar agreed with Justice Sapre`s view and annulled the degrees obtained by these 634 students, who had got admission into medical colleges on the back of influence peddling.

    Chief Justice Khehar said that even trivial act of wrongdoing based on a singular act of fraud, cannot be tolerated in the name of justice. The present case unfolds a mass fraud. The course suggested, if accepted, would not only be imprudent, but would also be irresponsible. It would encourage others to follow the same course," Justice Khehar said.


    The decision of Supreme Court to annul the degrees of all these students in the pretext of such huge fraud is completely rationale. The country must not allow deceitful activities in terms of professional education especially in the sensitive medical field. This decision will set an example and a warning to all those fraudsters who manipulate the students and seize money from them in the name of cheap education and as a result the students suffer huge loses.

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