• Allocations made to Nirbhaya fund remains unused for third year in a row

    January 27, 2017

    For a consecutive period of three years, the allocation of Rs.1000 crore made to Nirbhaya fund remains unspent. This fund was created to aid the scheme that ensures the safety and security of women. But like every year since 2013, the allocations made in 2015-16 is still unused.

    This fund was created by the UPA government in 2013 in the memory of Nirbhaya, a girl, who was assaulted and brutalised in December 2012 in a moving bus in the national capital. She later died of her injuries. The fund was launched with the objective of supporting schemes for the protection of women.

    For past two years, the NDA government is following the same tradition of allocating funds but has failed to come up with any scheme entailing expenditure of the same. The scope of the fund included supporting the NGOs working for the safety of women, but none could be shortlisted in the last three years to utilise the money.

    According to the 2015-2016 Union Budget, a sum of Rs. 653 crore was allocated for a scheme that focused on safety of women on public transport under the ministry of roadways and highways and a sum of Rs. 79.6 crore for Nirbhaya project allocated to the home ministry. But neither of the schemes could be initiated which has resulted in complete saving of the allocated amount.

    Various other projects, for which allocations were made in the year 2015-16 has remained unused, resulting in 100% of the sum allocated. The government had allocated Rs 461 crore for employment and rehabilitation of manual scavengers. Again, this project could never take off. There was also a special programme devised for development of road connectivity in Naxal-affected areas, where women and children are often the worst sufferers, with an allocation of Rs 920 crore. This again had complete savings at the end of the year for the road transport ministry's failure to implement it.


    This report clearly shows that, although the government has full intentions of doing well to the society, by virtue of making various schemes, allocating funds etc, but the lagging lies with the implementation of the same, resulting in complete failure of the entire effort. Thus, such loopholes should be recognised well in time and efforts should be made in a wholesome manner to get favourable results.

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