• Delhi-based lawyer Rohit Tandon arrested for money laundering

    December 30, 2016

    The Enforcement Directorate has arrested Delhi-based lawyer Rohit Tandon for his alleged role in a money laundering network.

    A raid at his office earlier this month unearthed nearly Rs.14 crore and he was being quizzed by officials for the past one week.
    The agency suspects Tandon of being involved in conversion of old demonetized notes. Earlier in October, he had declared Rs.125 crore of untaxed money post raids at his home and office.The Enforcement Directorate had booked a PMLA case against him.

    He is purported to have been operating the money laundering network in connivance with Parasmal Lodha, who was arrested earlier for money laundering. He and Lodha are also alleged to have close links with J Sekhar Reddy, a Chennai-based businessman, who was arrested earlier on similar count. It is also alleged that Lodha, a realtor, had helped the lawyer convert Rs.2.62 crore in banned notes.


    The demonetization drive has forced a lot of people to expose their black money and many others have been making attempts to get the old notes converted into new ones. The government needs to come up with stricter regulations for the success of the drive so that many more persons like Rohan Tandon can come into the scanner of the authorities.

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