• Demand for exhumation of Amma’s body for enquiry by her loyalist Shihan Hussaini

    December 29, 2016

    Sudden death of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa on 5th December left a void in the heart of thousands of people and a number of unanswered questions probing into the mysterious circumstances under which the same occurred.

    The latest statement by Indian karate expert Shihan Hussaini akso better known as Jayalalitha’s loyalist revealed some shocking facts about AMMA’s death. He opened up about the mysterious death of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

    Husaasini, while addressing the media persons, claimed that Jayalalithaa was slow-poisoned to death by Natarajan, husband of Sasikala and his gang. He made a demand that her body be exhumed and that the post-mortem should be conducted so that the truth comes out.

    Shihan Hussaini has been following Amma from the past 24 years. He is about to start a new party that would uphold the policies and practices of Jayalalithaa among the masses. These allegations came as a shocker, in the wake of AIADMK meeting tomorrow, to select Jaya’s successor.

    Earlier there were several reports which claimed that Jayalalithaa was slow poisoned by none other than her closest aide Sasikala Natrajan. A report published back in 2012 in Tehelka magazine had explained the same. It stated that she was given sedatives with small amounts of poison through a nurse who was appointed by Sasikala herself.


    The death of J. Jayalalitha came as a major shock to the nation as a whole so not only the people belonging to Tamil Nadu but the entire country is curious to know the exact reasons behind her mysterious death circumstances and an enquiry should be held. 

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