• Delhi High Court denies relief to farmers who want acquired land back

    December 21, 2016

    The farmers of  Delhi Kanjhawala village were on Tuesday denied relief by the High Court, which dismissed petitions demanding that the land acquired by the Delhi government for a ‘new Industrial area’ be returned to them. The court dismissed the petitions stating that the farmers had expressly given away all right or title to the land for compensation. The land was acquired by the Delhi government in 2005.

    But even after receiving compensation the farmers have been agitating stating that the government did not acquire the land within 5 years and so the land acquisition act calls for the land to be returned to the farmers.

    The bench stated that since at the commencement of the Land Acquisition Act, 2013 the petitioners had no right, title or interest left in the subject lands. Therefore, they cannot claim any benefit under section 24(2) of the 2013 Act. On this ground alone, the writ petitions are liable to be dismissed,” the court ordered.

    The Delhi government had rebutted the claim of the farmers that the government had not taken over the possession as it submitted that the actual physical possession of the lands in question had been taken by the Land Acquisition Collector.


    The decision of the High Court dismissing the petition is apt and reasonable. Such frivolous petitions are filed only with the intention to delay the course of justice. Farmers after accepting the compensation had lost all the rights in the land and thus had no legal ground to proceed with the case. Hence quashing the petition is justified.

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