• A false case of Dowry demand against the husband is ground for Divorce: Delhi HC

    August 25, 2016

    The Delhi High Court on Tuesday came down heavily on a woman who had made false allegations against her husband & had also attempted suicide to incriminate her in-laws.

    The Court granted Divorce to the man who claimed bad treatment to him and his Family by his Wife.

    In this case, a woman laid false allegations on her husband & in-laws.They were even arrested & later on acquitted when charges of harassment & dowry demand were found to be false.

    The Division bench ruled that these false allegations itself amount to cruelty on Husband and his Family.

    The Husband had challenged the decision of the Family Court, which refused to give him divorce saying that the incidents of cruelty which were mentioned by him were “normal wear and tear of matrimonial life”.

    The High Court observed that while some of incidents mentioned by the man were normal wear & tear of matrimonial life, but it differed with the Family Court on the incidents where the woman filed a false case of dowry demand against her husband & his family.



    Let this decision be an example of how men are often the victims in the hands of their partners. This case demonstrated the possibilities of misuse of the law by women, who are largely given benefit of doubt in such cases. Laying false allegations on husbands and his family members should not only qualify for divorce but stringent punishment must be imposed on perpetrators. 

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