• Rape laws used as personal vengeance: Court

    August 02, 2016

    Describing the mind set of many Indian men about the rape law, a special fast track court -which exclusively hears cases of sexual assaults against women -has said, “In many cases, women use the rape law “as a weapon for vengeance or personal vendetta“ when a consensual physical relation breaks.

    The court made the observation while acquitting a retired Haryana bureaucrat in a rape case, observing that the complainant had lodged a false complaint against the official as he did not succumb to her illegal demands.

    “Many of the cases are being reported by women who are involved in consensual physical relationship, but when it ends the woman uses law as a weapon for vengeance and personal vendetta,“ additional sessions judge Sanjiv Jain said while citing another court's judgement. The special fast track courts to try sexual crimes against women were constituted soon after the 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case.

    The accused, former principal secretary to a Haryana chief minister, was acquitted of the charge under Section 376(2)(n) (raping a woman re peatedly) of IPC. The judge said, “I find that the woman was engaged in liaison work and used to contact senior bureaucrats and officials of various departments.“

    “She contacted the accused, but could not evoke a response. She then sent him threatening messages and demanded money. When the accused did not succumb to her illegal demands, she lodged the rape complaint,“ Jain added.

    The court said that the woman had demanded Rs 50 lakh from the accused to patch up the matter and had also threatened to expose him before the media and spoil his life.


    The rape law has been misused in the past. The court’s need to sieve these cases through and make sure that the rape law is not used against anyone for personal vengeance. The existing laws, if need be, should be revised and studied upon, so that new laws can be framed which would make the misuse of it much less likely. Kudos to the court for realizing the situation and speaking against it.

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