• Hefty fine of Rs. 2k to be charged for blocking NMV lane

    August 01, 2016

    Obstruct the path of a cyclist and be ready to pay a hefty fine of 2000 INR. After a dedicated bus lane, the Delhi government is putting in place rules for a dedicated non-motorised vehicle lane in the city. According to a recent notification, a penalty of Rs 2,000 will be imposed on motorists obstructing the movement of e-rickshaws and bicycles in the non-motorised vehicle (NMV) lanes, including cycle tracks.
    The order which was put out by the Delhi government, authorises assistant sub-inspector and above rank of officers of the Delhi Police, and head constables of the transport department to exercise the power to penalise motorists causing obstruction in NMV lanes.

    "There will now be a fine of Rs 2,000 on those obstructing movement of e-rickshaws and other non-motorised vehicles," said a senior government official. As per a rough estimate, NMV lanes are at present spread over 30km of roads, but most of these are either used for parking or have been encroached by locals. "NMV lanes will be marked on roads," he added.
    The order to fine violators of the NMV lane is likely to be notified soon, said officials. The proposal had been penned in June, and the file sent to the LG for approval. Once the notification comes into effect, the rule will allow the government and Delhi Police to prosecute these violations.
    In May of 2016,  A Switzerland-based firm, Global Infrastructure, and Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) had jointly started a survey to identify routes for non-motorised vehicles such as rickshaws, e-rickshaws and bicycles.

    The firm and JDA had sought suggestions from residents and tourists to develop such routes and cycle tracks. A senior official had informed, "During a survey, the firm will ask minimum 1000 residents and 100 tourists to fill the survey form. For this first time, the JDA has asked assistant and executive engineers to get the forms filled by minimum of 10 residents."


    The fine has never stopped any motorist in Delhi to disobey the laws. The hefty fines will be paid by these defaulters and they can escape the clutches of the law. Although the initiative will bear fruit in the long run, the government should also ensure that law enforcement is also handled with utmost care. This would ensure a safe travel for the motorists as well as the ones on cycles.

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