• SC refuses to fast track Salman hit and run case

    July 06, 2016

    Surrounded by tons of controversy at this point of time, Salman Khan did find respite in a Supreme Court statement wherein the apex court decided not to fast track the hit and run case just on the basis of an actor being involved. The Supreme Court on Tuesday admitted the Maharashtra government's appeal challenging actor Salman Khan's acquittal in the 2002 hit-and-run case but refused to fast track hearing of the case.

    Although the state government pled for an early hearing, pointing out that the case was 15 years old, Justices JS Khehar and Arun Mishra said the case could not be given priority just because a high-profile personality was involved.

    Attorney general Mukul Rohatgi contended that the case was 15 years old and urged the bench for early listing.

    The bench, however, turned down the request. "There are many important cases pending in the court and we cannot put this case on fast-track just because some personality is involved in the case," it said. The appeal will now be taken up in due course and is unlikely to be heard in the next three years.
    The court will also hear an appeal filed by family members of the man who was killed in the accident, seeking compensation for their loss. The petition, filed by Shaikh Noorulla Shafik's widow and son, said the trial court and the high court completely ignored the provision of Sections 357 and 357A of the CrPC which provided for compensation to victims of crime.
    But the actor and his counsel, Kapil Sibal, played it safe and came out with a statement saying that they are fine with the appeal being admitted and decided by the apex court. The SC had issued notice to Salman in February on the appeal against his acquittal and said the could matter not be rejected outright. Salman was charged with killing one person and injuring four by ramming his vehicle into a bakery in suburban Bandra in September 28, 2002.


    What is so ironical about this statement by the Supreme Court is not the fact that it did not allow fast tracking. The irony lies in the previous events that had transpired. When the question was of bail, the actor could fast track or even bypass the laws and acquire the bail within hours. But when the time comes for the final decision, the apex court decides that no, the time has not yet come. The blatant inconsistency in the legal system comes out in full display. Just because the case is of Salman Khan and it has been 15 long years, the case should have been fast tracked.

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