• Public has "license to kill", according to newly appointed Haryana DGP

    May 28, 2016

    In what may seem as a scene directly from a Bollywood hit, it seems as if the police is also fed up of the crimes in the country. The Haryana DGP, at a public event on Friday, made a controversial statement saying that the common man has the right to kill criminals.
    At a public event on Thursday, KP Singh, the state's new Director General of Police, said people didn't realise that the law gives them the right to kill if they witness a crime.

    "If someone destroys your house, or tries to take someone's life, the law allows a common man to kill the other person...this is something the common man doesn't know. This is not just a policeman's duty," Mr Singh said.

    "If someone insults a woman or tries to kill a person, then the common man has right to take the criminal's life."
    "A person has the right under the law to use necessary force... for the purpose of protecting one's own body and property as also another's body and property when immediate aid from the state machinery is not readily available," said the top officer.
    The statement comes in the wake of various agitations and protests relating to the jat job quotas and various other issues. The state of Haryana is not famous for its peace for sure. Mr Singh quoted provisions in the law to explain that though it is the job of the police to maintain law and order, common citizens too have rights.
    The interesting thing to note here is that the appointment of Mr.Singh was sanctioned because the earlier DGP, Yashpal Singhal was criticized heavily for mishandling the jat quota protests. The police chief surely made a start on the wrong foot.
    "He will not talk loose. If the police is not there you have the right to defend yourself," said former Uttar Pradesh police chief Prakash Singh.


    The situation regarding the safety of women, the number of murders and abductions taking place and the cases of eve teasing is very sad. Every citizen of India should really feel ashamed of the crimes taking place. But the shame should not be to the extent that the people decide to take the law in their own hands. Surely, the public does not need the encouragement for the same from someone in authority. With the situation in the state of Haryana very dim, the DGP should be more responsible and mature in the statements released by him. This should be a lesson for the DGP and he should be more careful from now. Errors only become mistakes when you keep repeating them. This, for now, could be dismissed as an error.

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