• SC refuses to cut water supply to liquor factories in Maharashtra

    May 25, 2016

    Amidst all the hype about Maharashtra missing out on the IPL action this year due to the water crisis in Latur and Maharashtra in general, the SC on Tuesday rejected a plea for cutting off water supply to all alcohol factories in Maharashtra to save water.

     A bench of Justices Prafulla C Pant and D Y Chandrachud said it was for the state and the district administration to take a decision on water supply after examining the prevailing conditions in the drought-hit areas. It said the court should refrain from interfering in such matters.
    The apex court, which had approved shifting of IPL matches out of Maharashtra to limit use of water in the state, said the matter was being considered by the Bombay high court, and asked the petitioner to raise grievances before the HC.

    In April, the HC had directed the Maharashtra government to cut water supply to distilleries and breweries in Aurangabad by 60% from May 10 to June 27. It had also asked the state to cut supply to other industrial units in Marathwada by 25%.

    Sanjay Kale, a social worker had approached the Supreme Court of India and requested the apex court to direct the Maha government to cut water supply to liquor manufacturing units. This was after Kale was unsatisfied by the order of the HC.

    Only weeks back, there was a whole debate raging across the country between cricket lovers of Maharashtra and social workers over the water crisis in Maharashtra and the hosting of IPL matches in the state. Finally, the court decided and directed the BCCI to shift the matches of Maharashtra to another state.


    The question is not about a state and the IPL matches. The question is about the well-being of the hundreds and thousands of people who suffer every day for survival. The survival in those humid and dry conditions is made possible only because of the help of thousands of other Indians. Instead of worrying about the water that is used by industries, we should be more worried about the waters we all waste every day. The water used up in industries help India grow. But our wastages do not add to any growth. It is detrimental to growth, in fact. We should all be joining hands in saving water so that our brothers and sisters in Latur get up the next morning without tears in their eyes.

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