• City judge dials 100, gets no reply: HC to hear PIL

    May 11, 2016

    The commissioner of police received a letter written by the Delhi High Court Judge about the “poor” response he received from the “dial 100” service as per what he experienced personally. Justice Vipin Sanghvi who wrote the letter shared it with the High Court’s Chief Justice G Rohini, this was later converted into a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on Tuesday. This was after she took a suo motu cognizance of this issue of distress calls which would go unanswered or be put on hold.

    The letter which was addressed to the top cop Alok Kumar Verma, contained Sanghi’s narration of the “poor personal experience” he went through of calling the helpline on the 29th of April when he was on his way to Vasant Kunj where he had to attend a wedding reception. "There was a big traffic jam in Vasant Kunj at a crossing and I was stuck for about 40 minutes. Since I could not spot any traffic policeman on the road to manage traffic, I called on 100 number at 10.12pm to inform police about the jam," as informed to Verma by the letter. Though, the Judge’s concern remained unanswered. As stated in the letter, even after holding the line for five minutes there was no response. The matter of concern is that the helpline is supposed to be an emergency response mechanism. Sanghi said that all the calls being made to the helpline 100 must be answered immediately as it would be very likely that people in grave emergency would be calling. He states that in his view is it a very serious issue that has to be looked into and the services have to be made more effective and efficient.

    The commissioner was informed by Sanghi that he tried to get in touch with him on his mobile number but they too went unanswered. "I tried calling you repeatedly sometime later between 10.27-10.30pm, but unfortunately, there was no response from your number as well.” He ended his letter with hope that Verma would act promptly and give some feedback after he would enquire on the matter brought to notice by him. "I would be interested in knowing the result of your inquiry," the judge mentioned in his letter. When the Judge shared his letter with the chief justice he said that the facts stated in his letter were self-explanatory and he urged her to treat the matter as a PIL it she considered it fit for intervention by the court.


    The High Court Judge, Sanghi has stated a very harsh fact that the 100 helpline number would just not be helpful. This situation is not faced by a few rather many people have faced the same issue. This has caused inconvenience to many citizens of the nation. The issue might not be faced by everyone but why leave the rest in trouble? We hope his letter is converted into a PIL which is then looked into by the court so that the issue is resolved and the entire process is made more efficient and conducive.

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