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FIR against fast food outlet for offering toxic food and causing hurt due to negligence

May 16, 2018

A case was registered by the Delhi Police against a “Burger” outlet in Delhi after a visitor was allegedly “injured” by a sharp plastic particle which he found inside the burger he had ordered.

Ultimately, the police arrested the store manager after the complaint but got released on bail. The complainant told that the sharp plastic substance was inside the patty of the burger which resulted in injuries inside his throat and mouth after taking a bite. As a result of this, the burger was sent to the forensic department for analysis.

The complainant added that after a couple of bites, he felt something unusual in his mouth. “The time I gulped it there was an instant pain in my throat and chest. Due to that, I had to spit out the remaining bite of the burger after which I found a plastic foil-like particle similar to the ones used in ketchup packets.”

After experiencing this, he took the sample to the store manager of the outlet. The complainant said that the manager denied accepting that he had found it inside the burger and claimed that the outlet had a record for cleanliness. Moreover, the manager even refused to listen to his complaint and went back to the counter. Therefore, I called the PCR and informed them about the complete incident.

The Police after reaching the restaurant and took the complainant for a medical examination, confirming an injury inside the throat.

An FIR was registered against the outlet as well as the manager in-charge for offering harmful food items and causing hurt due to negligence.


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