• Kangana shoots letter to CP, alleges Hrithik of circulating “private” photos and emails

    April 08, 2016

    The Kangana-Hrithik spat went an extra mile on Thursday when Kangana Ranaut, in a Queen-like move, came out in public to voice her concern against Bollywood greek god Hrithik Roshan for "wilfully imputing a lack of chastity" to her. The bollywood actress had on Thursday shot a letter to the Commissioner of Police Datta Padsalgikar through her advocate Rizwan Siddiqui , requesting Hrithik's arrest on the grounds of deceitful behavior and circulating her private emails and photographs.

    "My client Kangana Ranaut has been given to understand that her absolutely private and confidential e-mails as well as photographs which were collected by Hrithik Roshan during his association with her are being malafidely and mischievously misused by Hrithik Roshan with criminal intentions of damaging my client's reputation and to wilfully impute in-chastity to her," the letter signed by Siddiqui to the Police Commissioner (Dattatray Padsalgikar) read.

    Kangana said that Hrithik had committed "cognizable offences" under sections 149 and 150 of CrPC and it was the duty of the police to arrest him under Section 151 of CrPC (arrest to prevent the commission of cognizable offences).

    "Please do note that Hrithik Roshan has even criminally threatened my client of these actions in his notice to my client. However, as his notice received a befitting reply from me and he was not in a position to reply to the same he is now indulging in these criminal acts to put fear in the mind of my client," the letter said.

    Although the actress and her lawyer has not sown any intent of getting the actor arrested, they also supported the letter and explained that the intention was to really request the Commisioner of Polie to look into this matter as soon as possible and prevent any more harrassment that Kangana might face at the hands of Hrithik.

    On the other hand, Hrithik's lawyer Dipesh Mehta completely sidelined the letter and rebutted the actress' claims. "She is making vague and baseless allegations against my client. We have full faith in the investigation by the cyber crime cell and are confident that the police will soon identify the imposter who created the fake email id."

    In his complaint on Thursday evening against the cyber crime cop Kalpana Gadekar, Siddiquee pointed to Kangana's "absolute legal rights to demand a copy of the FIR'' as it was a public document under law. He quoted from section 76 of Indian Evidence Act and HC judgments to elucidate on "public documents'' and said "despite repeated requests'' since two weeks, the cop "neglected to hand over the FIR copy thus wilfully neglected her duty". He sought "immediate disciplinary action as provided under Bombay Police Act, for creating unnecessary hindrances and delaying the recording of Kangana's statement".


    As with the case of almost all bollywood couple spats, this argument will not cease to exist unless and until the media forgets the matter. There have been various instances of bollywood couples entangled in disputes which do not get handled and once the media reports die down, the disputes also seem to vanish off into thin air. But then who are we to judge the validity of these claims and disputes. While majority of the nation will side with Hrithik on this matter, there will be some whose heart goes out to Kangana. One snide comment on a popular social media site sums it all up, tongue in cheek - “did she tell hritik before sending/sharing these that these were only for his personal consumption only?” Well, did she indeed?

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