• Women have equal right as men to enter temples: Mumbai High Court

    April 06, 2016

    The Mumbai High Court was assured by the Maharashtra government that steps will be taken by them to ensure that the 66 year old law is followed by all and women get entry to the temples just the way all men do. “The provisions of the Act shall be scrupulously implemented. The government is completely against gender discrimination. A circular or directive shall be issued to all district authorities informing them about the act and its provisions”, as informed by Acting Advocate Rohit Deo to the Court.

    “Keeping in view Article 14, 15 and 25 of the Constitution of India, the government can take pro-active steps to ensure that the fundamental rights of a citizen are fully realized and not allowed to be encroached upon by any authority”, said the High Court.

    This is sure to be a pleasant situation for those who fight against the gender bias in and around the nation. Although, it has been made clear that in places such as the sanctum sanctorum where entry for all is forbidden this Act would not apply. But, “If men are allowed and women are not allowed the provisions will be applicable”.

    The two Pune based activists Vidya Bal and Advocate Neelima Vartak, 70 and 64 respectively who had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) this month about how several temples treat women in a “Discriminatory” way. “The government is against gender discrimination. If one section is permitted, the other section must also be permitted. The government will make the district authorities alive to this” You cannot create a law and order situation nor anyone be allowed to create one. Ultimately it is he fundamental right of women and it is your fundamental duty to protect it under Article !5 (prohibition of discrimination) and Article 25 (freedom of religion) when it is violated”


    We definitely are supportive of the initiative taken by the government to implement gender equality. The problem of entrance in temples was faced by many women and thus it is a victorious moment for all. The country has been patting its back for the developmental work carried out in the country. But the real praise should be administered for giving equality to the womenfolk. For standing up for the rights of one half of the country. For making the whole nation believe in the girl child and have no inequality, be it in educational institutions or religious establishments.


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