• Man held for rape of businesswoman in Connaught Place

    April 05, 2016

    The issue of woman safety has never been up on the “to take care of” list of the National Capital. Being crowned the “world champion” among the rape cities is not a title New Delhi would be fond of. The recent case of rape has been reported from the heart of the National Capital. The woman was 33 years old and a businesswoman who had come to meet the man for lunch to discuss a few things regarding work at the Connaught Place Hotel on a Friday afternoon. She had met the man earlier as well at Chandigargh and the police claimed that the victim knew the accused.

    The woman who is the owner of her own business enterprise resides in South Delhi, Defense Colony. “As told by the woman, she met the accused on Friday over lunch to discuss business matters. She said that the man, who is businessman from Chandigargh, spiked her drinks with sedatives and took her to a room in the inner circle of Connaught Place, where he forced himself upon her. The woman said that she called up the police after she gained consciousness but by that time the accused had fled from the spot” as said by an official. He later added, “We got a PCR call at around 7:30 p.m. and a PCR van was rushed to the hotel. A CAT ambulance also reached the spot”

    In less than a day’s time a chemist based in Chandigargh was arrested due to being associated with the accused. Vijay Anand, 55 years old stated that he was shocked to see the police at his door step and the sudden arrest simply added to it. “Meanwhile, the police had scanned the CCTV camera footage from the hotel and questioned the staff at the hotel before dispatching a team to the suspect’s home in Chandigarh.”

    The police have registered the case under Section 376 (for rape) under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and added that the case is being monitored along with the constant efforts that are being made to track the man.


    Rape is a hideous crime abhorred by all of us and for a woman to go through such physical and mental trauma is unacceptable to us. We feel the victim must take a strong and firm step ahead regarding her case and the accused must be punished strictly, enough to set an example for every individual. Though the number of times incidents involving laxatives and drugs are on the rise, the role of the police has been really appreciated by many. The police seem to be working efficiently as they found a lead on the case in less than a day. We hope the victim gets the justice she deserves and that she recovers from the scars the man has dawned upon her. It was indeed a powerful step on her part to file the complaint. Kudos to the women who fight for their rights and have belief in themselves. The country should salute these brave children of the nation.

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