• 180 days leave for surrogate mothers to be sanctioned soon

    April 05, 2016

    The Central Government is forming new rules for women workers and that might incorporate giving a leave of 180 days to them for surrogate mothers or the commissioning mother. “It is proposed that 180 days maternity leave may be granted to the surrogate as well as commissioning mothers, in case either or both of them are government servants.”

    “The commission mother also requires time for boding with her child and to take care of him or her and hence would also become eligible for child care leave”, as per what has been proposed. Male staff members might also get a leave for the first time in case of surrogacy under the Department of Personal and Training (DoPT) proposed service rules. Leave Travel Concessions-leaves of absence and reimbursement of travel tickets for a break for traveling- and to leave the headquarters for childcare will also be provided to female employees.

    The current rules allow women employees to take a leave for about 4 months and 15 days after the birth of the child. If the female employees’ child is disabled, there is no specific age limit given for taking a leave and the leave availed is two years for child-care as decided by the Central government. Presently, women cannot take more than two years off from work in case of a minor child during their entire occupation tenure. The government's decision to implement the Child Care Leave provision was also received with welcome hands by the government job holders.

    Although the decision might be new for Delhi, Maharashtra was the first state of India to provide surrogate mothers and commission mothers a maternity leave. While many states were talking about granting this leave Maharashtra was the first to issue the leave.

    Earlier this year, Anil Bornare, Mumbai president of the Shikshak Parishad stated, “It is unfair to exclude the women government servants who adopt children.”

    The Central Government has clearly stated that during maternity, female employees will take no less than 5 days of leave for the child’s care.


    We were quite happy on hearing the buzz about the leave for surrogate mothers as well as commissioning mothers. It clearly shows the governments concern for women employees as well as their respect towards surrogacy. This would help the growth of the child and indeed benefit the mother and baby’s health. Many a times due to work related stress women hamper their health as well as the child’s health thus the decision is best for their welfare. The provision of paternity leave if provided will be new to the country and will be of great help to the commissioning couple. Over the years, the government has understood the importance of womenfolk in the workforce of the country. The only ill effect of this might be that people take undue advantage of the leaves and thus the organization suffers. Keeping this in check will be the problem at the hands of the administration.  

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