• Punjab and Haryana HC digitizes decided case files, increases efficiency

    April 04, 2016

    India has indeed ushered in the era of digital governance. The government's initiative to make the governance digital and to provide digital assistance to people around the subcontinent has finally bore fruit. The effect is widespread and has also reached out to the legal systems in the country. It looks like the legal system in the country I ready to be digitalized. Many initiatives have been taken by the High Courts around the country.

    The Punjab and Chandigarh High Court has finally digitized all the decided cases till date for safekeeping for posterity. Chairman of Computer Committee Justice Rajesh Bindal said this while speaking at a regional discussion regarding the e-courts project at the Chandigarh Judicial Academy (CJA) in Chandigarh. According to an official Supreme Court release, The discussion was presided over by Justice Madan B Lokur, of the Supreme Court and In-charge, e-Committee, SC.

    "The e-committee, Supreme Court, in consultation with the Central government, had introduced the computerisation project 'e-courts Phase-I' with a total outlay of Rs 900 crore to computerise the subordinate courts across the country to facilitate litigants and advocates," Justice Lokur said.

    Now let us understand the advantages of this initiative and how it has helped in better handling of the other pending cases. An important point to keep in mind is that since this project has started, the efficiency of the HC has also seen an upgrade. Justice Rajesh Bindal said that the digitization exercise had resulted in scanning of 15.90 crore pages and disposal of 225 tonnes of waste papers, which generated a revenue of Rs. 22 lakh and freed valuable space of 15,000 square feet. Just imagine the tonnes of pages of legal documents just piled away in building like stacks. The sight itself makes one feel indifferent about going to the court for any case at all.

    He said that the court had also prepared e-Filing and e-Diary software for the convenience of litigants and advocates, who could file cases online from the comfort of their home. An advocate can save his case and browse the case information real time along with judgment and orders passed by the courts using this feature, he said. This has been a distant dream of many living in cities and towns. The process of getting a case to court in India is tiresome and it becomes even more tedious when the applicant has to wait for decades to get a verdict.



    The digitization of various legal procedures taking place is a welcome move by the High Courts. The day is not far away when a person having a legal requirement will just have to log onto a site, register their complaint and expect the case to be heard within a predefined time frame. When the predefined time frame is up, the applicant can expect the verdict and thus finish the case. Long piles of papers will be gone, no more running from door to door for his/her case. This is just a start and this is expected to start a roller coaster effect. Let us hope for the best.



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