• Sabrimala Temple entry case : discrimination issue gets no respite

    January 10, 2016

    The controversial and much talked about Sabrimala Temple case hearing in the SC took a surprise turn when campaigners of the “Happy To Bleed” campaign filed an intervention application through noted lawyer Indira Jaising questioning the idea of barring entry to females into the Sabrimala Shrine on the grounds of the “healthy and biological” process of menstruation.

    The students asked the apex court whether a country of the stature of India still live behind the obvious veil of ignorance and discrimination when even the Indian Constitution promises Right to Equality to its citizens. This application does not come as a surprise after the Kerala Govt. told the SC that “disallowing entry of women of menstrual age in historic Sabarimala temple in the state, is a "matter of religion" and it is duty bound to "protect the right to practice the religion of these devotees". The petition is filed challenging challenging Rule 3 (b) of the Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship (Authorization of Entry) Rules, 1965 prohibiting girls and women between 10-50 years of age from entering the Lord Ayyappa Temple in Sabrimala, Kerala.

    In a hearing on Friday Justice Dipak Misra gave out the following statement - “Is spirituality solely within the domain of men? Are you saying that women are incapable of attaining spirituality within the domain of religion? Can you deprive a mother?”

    “Happy To Bleed” is a campaign launched to protest against the sexism faced by the women of India. The campaign gathered much support after its continued struggle against the “menstrual discrimination” females face in our country. The movement recognizes menstruation as a natural activity devoid of any embarrassment or need to be in hiding.



    In full accordance with the “Happy TO Bleed” campaign, we believe that to achieve development and recognition from the world, India needs to start racking its brains on the topic of discrimination. Countries have fallen apart because of this very same issue. What may not seem too big an issue for many may just snowball into a situation beyond repair. Marching into the 21st century with laws binding us to the norms of the previous century may prove costly for us.



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