• A school principal faces jail term for cruelty to student

    July 04, 2017

    A court in Delhi has held a school principal and its director guilty of cruelty and causing mental trauma to a class III student.

    In this complaint, the father of the student Dr. N Raghu Ram alleged that his daughter was ill-treated and confirmed by the school management throughout school hours on April 24, 2012, in order to put pressure on her guardians so that they withdraw her from school. Raghu Ram further alleged that the school’s conduct was a result of the queries raised by the father about student’s uniform and accessories during orientation programme.  

    The court has observed that not allowing a child to sit in the classroom amounted to wilful neglect. The court further held at the time of the conviction of the Principal, Romi Chawla and the Director Kavita Chandra of Dwarka-based OPG World School guilty.  “The child cannot be thrown out at the whim and fancies of the school authorities”, said Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Ankur Jain.

    The school authorities however contented that the student was given a transfer certificate on April 23, 2012 on the request of her parents. However, instead of collecting the TC they sent their daughter to school the next day. The child was apparently not feeling well after coming to school since she had asthma and consequently she was sent to infirmary.

    Convicts sought adjournment on the ground that they have not received the copy of the judgment. However, the court deferred the adjournment hearing on 7th July.

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