• Doctors will resume work, MARD assures Bombay HC

    March 25, 2017

    The Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) has finally assured the Bombay high court that their member doctors shall return to work by 25th March. This brought a huge sigh of relief to thousands of patients across Mumbai.

    A bench consisting of Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice Girish Kulkarni said the resident doctors can amicably resolve the issue by talking to the government and asked them to return to work immediately.

    Around 4,500 junior doctors in Maharashtra have been protesting for the past four days over a spate of attacks on them. They are demanding, among others, enhanced security in state-run hospitals.

    The assurance from the MARD came after advocate general Rohit Deo informed the court that the government had decided to deploy 1,100 armed guards of Maharashtra State Security Corporation in government and civic hospitals across Maharashtra; and 500 of them will be posted in Mumbai by April 5.

    He said the remaining 600 personnel will be deployed by April 30. These guards are conferred all necessary police powers, Deo said.
    The court accepted this statement and asked the doctors to report to work.

    “Doctors must resume the work and see if everything is done as assured by the government. We will hear the matter every fortnight and supervise the issue,” the judges said.

    The court was hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by Afak Mandviya who complained about repeated strikes by doctors, paralyzing health service and adversely affecting poor patients across the state.

    Deo informed that three rounds of meetings were held between the health minister and the representatives of MARD. Doctors promised to resume duties, but only 92 of more than 3,500 resident doctors returned to work today, he said. Therefore, he requested the HC to direct the doctors to resume their duties immediately.

    The bench agreed with views of Deo and said that the profession of doctors is such that they cannot afford to go on strike.


    Direction by the high court was very important after 4 days of continuous strike by doctors. The reason behind such strike may be bonafide and reasonable but the recourse is not right. If doctors refuse to work, it has a tendency to directly affect the lives of the patients. Therefore, it is very important that the doctors must voice their issues to the government and judiciary through a medium that does not compromise with the health conditions of the people.

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