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It's quite common nowadays for companies to withhold salary dues and delay full and final settlement of employees apart from delaying or denying promotions arbitrarily. Use LawRato to hire a top rated service and employment lawyer or a labor lawyer in India for matters like recovery of salary dues, illegal termination, sexual harassment and Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) matters.  

What is labour law?

Service and Employment Laws (labour law) dictate the duties of an employer and the rights of an employee, both in the private as well as public sector. They regulate disputes between employers and employees.

Who are affected by service and labour law

An employee who has been wrongfully discharged and has not been paid full & final dues and / or the company is not giving the relieving letter. An employer accused of wrongfully withholding dues.
The family of an employee that has been denied compensation.

Why do you need a labour lawyer

A Service and Employment Lawyer can help you get re-instated if you have been wrongfully terminated.
A Service and Employment Lawyer can help you claim compensation if you have been injured at work, or if your dues have been withheld or if you have been wrongfully terminated or denied promotion.

Why hire a labour lawyer through LawRato

We have identified some of the best labour lawyers across India, to help resolve issues regarding wrongful termination, employer harassment, compensation delays and other service related issues.


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FAQ's on Labour & Service Lawyers

1. Why should I hire a lawyer near me?

It is important to hire a lawyer near you so that there is ease of access whenever documents need to be exchanged and/or whenever you are required to meet with a lawyer regarding your case.

2. How to shortlist the perfect Labour & Service lawyer in India for my case?

In order to shortlist the perfect Labour & Service lawyer in India for your case, you should look for a lawyer who has a decent amount of experience in handling cases such as yours and who charges a fee that is under your case budget.

3. How much does a Labour & Service lawyer in India cost?

The cost for a Labour & Service lawyer in India differs contingent upon various components, including the case type, attorney's understanding, experience, track record, and area of practice.

4. Do I need to pay for the contact details for the Labour & Service lawyer in India?

No, you will not be charged for the contact details of a Labour & Service lawyer in India.

5. How does a Labour & Service Lawyer communicate with his/her client?

In most cases, a Labour & Service lawyer in India will communicate in face-to-face meetings with the client, especially for the initial process. However, the lawyer could also communicate via email and phone.

6. Can I hire a Labour & Service lawyer from a different state?

Yes, you can. However, it is recommended to hire a Labour & Service lawyer from the state where the case has been filed as the local lawyer will have better knowledge and understanding of the local laws and procedures followed in that particular state.

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