Correction of name on land record from sub register office

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How to correction of my name from land record?
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The law governing the application for name correction in land records in India may vary slightly depending on the state or union territory where the land is located. However, the primary legislation that governs land records and related matters in India is the Registration Act, 1908.

Under the Registration Act, the process of registration of land and maintenance of land records is regulated. However, the specific procedure and requirements for name correction in land records may also be governed by state-specific laws, rules, or regulations.

In addition to the Registration Act, other laws and regulations that may be relevant to land records and name correction include:

  1. State-specific Land Revenue Acts: Each state or union territory in India has its own land revenue laws that govern matters related to land ownership, land records, and land administration.

  2. State-specific Registration Rules: Each state or union territory may have its own set of rules and regulations that provide specific procedures for the registration of land documents and correction of errors in land records.

  3. State-specific Mutation Laws: Mutation is the process of updating land records after changes in ownership or other related details. State-specific mutation laws may specify the procedure for correcting names or other errors in land records.

To apply for a name correction in land records in India, one has to start with collecting relevant documents proving your claim, such as ID cards and ownership records. Draft a formal application addressed to the appropriate land records authority, clearly stating the purpose and providing details of the land and the incorrect and correct names. Attach supporting documents like birth or marriage certificates. Prepare an affidavit affirming the correctness of the information and get it notarized. Submit the application, along with the documents and affidavit, to the relevant land records authority.

One must look into relevant state laws, rules, and regulations specific to the state or union territory where the land is located to understand the exact legal provisions governing the application for name correction in land records.�

It is advisable to consult with a legal professional or visit the appropriate government office responsible for land records in your jurisdiction for more specific information on name correction in land records in your area.

People also ask

How can I change my name in land registry in India?

Two passport-sized photographs, proof of government identification, proof of address, an application form with two witnesses, the original newspaper advertisement, and any other documents as required by the authority.

How can I correct my land records in Assam?

Assam Revenue provides an important service

How do I correct a mistake on the land registry?

If either party discovers an error on the sale deed they must personally appear at the subregistrars offices where the deed has been previously registered. They will need to provide all the supporting documents to the official requesting corrections to the document.

How can I remove my name from Patta?

Visit the nearest Taluk office or village administration officers (VAO). You can ask for the form to remove the name. All the details must be stated correctly. Submit it.

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It is not clear why your name requires correction in land records. If your name incorrectly spelt, you may file a rectification deed with the sub registrar. If you wish to change your name, it has to be done only through the gazette notification procedure.
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What is the correction you require in the land record? Now in whose name is the land record? To whom does the property belong to? How did you get the property in your name? You will have to answer all these questions and only then I will be able to advice you. If you need any further advice or assistance, kindly contact me.

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Affidavit submission: Have a notary prepare an affidavit for the name-change, which will include the current name, new name, address, and the reason for the change (marriage, astrology etc.). The affidavit must be signed by at least two people of Gazette Officer rank.
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