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A corporate lawyer ensures the legality of business transactions in compliance to the law, advising corporations and businesses on their legal rights and duties. Use LawRato to hire a top rated corporate lawyer in India for drafting your company's contracts, agreements, startup advice, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), share holder agreements and any other corporate legal requirements.

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What is corporate law?

Corporate Law sets out the rights and liabilities of corporations, their directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders such as consumers.

Who are affected by corporate law

Business owners who wish the take advantage of business structures such as private limited companies and limited liability partnerships.
Minority shareholders being subjected to oppression or mismanagement by majority share holders.
Corporations under liquidation or other such proceedings.
Directors of corporations under prosecution.
Partners looking for company winding up, partnership dissolution or any other corporate legal requirements.

Why do you need a corporate lawyer

A Corporate Lawyer can represent you before specialised forums such as the Company Law Board or the Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction.

Why hire a corporate lawyer through LawRato

We have selected some of the best corporate lawyers across India, to help draft your legal compliance documents, and provide counsel and representation in corporate legal matters for your business.


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FAQ's on Corporate Lawyers

1. Why should I hire a lawyer near me?

It is important to hire a lawyer near you so that there is ease of access whenever documents need to be exchanged and/or whenever you are required to meet with a lawyer regarding your case.

2. How to shortlist the perfect Corporate lawyer in India for my case?

In order to shortlist the perfect Corporate lawyer in India for your case, you should look for a lawyer who has a decent amount of experience in handling cases such as yours and who charges a fee that is under your case budget.

3. How much does a Corporate lawyer in India cost?

The cost for a Corporate lawyer in India differs contingent upon various components, including the case type, attorney's understanding, experience, track record, and area of practice.

4. Do I need to pay for the contact details for the Corporate lawyer in India?

No, you will not be charged for the contact details of a Corporate lawyer in India.

5. How does a Corporate Lawyer communicate with his/her client?

In most cases, a Corporate lawyer in India will communicate in face-to-face meetings with the client, especially for the initial process. However, the lawyer could also communicate via email and phone.

6. Can I hire a Corporate lawyer from a different state?

Yes, you can. However, it is recommended to hire a Corporate lawyer from the state where the case has been filed as the local lawyer will have better knowledge and understanding of the local laws and procedures followed in that particular state.

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