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What is the benefit of sending a legal notice in case of cheque bounce?

A legal notice is a way to communicate your intent to initiate legal action against another party.
According to Section 138 of the Act, the dishonour of cheque is a criminal offence and is punishable by imprisonment up to two years or with monetary penalty or with both.
Often the counterparty may either give in to the threat of litigation and comply with the conditions laid down in the notice or be compelled to settle the issue outside of court, which is beneficial for both the parties.
If the counterparty does not respond to the legal notice, then you may approach the court to agitate your interest.

Can I take the other party directly to court without sending legal notice?

If payee wishes to proceed legally, then the drawer should be given a chance of repaying the cheque amount immediately. Such a chance has to be given only in the form of notice in writing.
The payee has to send the notice to the drawer within 30 days from the date of receiving “Cheque Return Memo” from the bank. The notice should mention that the cheque amount has to be paid to the payee within 15 days from the date of receipt of the notice by the drawer. If the cheque issuer fails to make a fresh payment within 30 days of receiving the notice, the payee has the right to file a criminal complaint under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.
However, the complaint should be registered in a magistrate’s court within a month of the expiry of the notice period. It is essential in this case to consult an advocate who is well versed and experienced in this area of practice to proceed further in the matter.

What happens after I share my details and pay for a notice?

1. Once the payment is made, our lawyers will draft the legal notice and send it for your approval in 48 hours.
2. Upon your approval, our lawyers will send the hard copy of the signed legal notice by registered post to the person against whom you have the grievance.
3. Soft copies of the signed legal notice and postal receipt shall be sent to you for further reference.

Which address will the reply to my legal notice go to?

The "Reply To" address in the legal notice shall contain your address. Hence, if the other party chooses to reply to your notice, it will come to your address.

What if the other party does not respond to the legal notice?

If the cheque issuer fails to make a fresh payment within 30 days of receiving the notice, the payee has the right to file a criminal complaint under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act. has hundreds of experienced, verified lawyers who can help you file the case in the respective local court.

When should I send legal notice to my employer for recovery of dues?

If you have left the company, or haven't received due salary, and the outstanding is over 90 days old, you can send a legal notice for recovery of dues. However, it is advisable to contact the company and try to recover the dues before initiating any legal proceedings.

What if the company is refusing to pay me my dues?

A company CAN NOT HOLD P.F.
A company can not make any UNAUTHORISED, ILLEGAL DEDUCTION (Re : Payment of Wages Act)
Any other dues which the company may owe you is covered by the respective employment contact you may have signed at the timing of joining/ last appraisal.
The action that an employee can take against an employer for delay in settlement of dues depends largely on the terms of the Offer of Appointment.

Can I send a notice myself without a lawyer?

Yes. You can send a notice for recovery of dues on your own. But it is advisable to send one through a reputed lawyer as it shows your intent to pursue legal action if dues are not settled, and a lawyer will ensure that the notice contents stand up in court, if you decide to pursue the matter further.

Why should I send a Legal Notice before my case?

Courts on many occasions have insisted complainants to first send a representation of their grievances to builders and then on dissatisfaction if the problem still persists can file a complaint in the appropriate forums. The cases filed with prior legal notice have faster resolution rates and sometimes don’t even reach to the courts.

Is it mandatory to send a Legal Notice?

It is not mandatory but always recommended to send a legal notice before filing of the case. A legal notice written by professional lawyer can help you represent your case strongly when it reaches to the court. Any submission or omission in the legal notice can affect your outcomes in the court.

Do I have to send the legal Notice?

The Legal Notice would be sent by the lawyer on your behalf.

Will I get the copy of the notice?

Yes. You will receive the copy of your notice.

How soon can I get my money after sending the notice?

Legal Notice is only a pre-requisite before initiating legal proceedings against the defaulter. Courts duly acknowledge legal notices in recovery matters where ample time is already given to return the dues. After sending the legal notice, you have to file a case in the court. Our lawyers who are proficient in legal notice drafting can make a strong case for you both in the beginning and post filing stage.

What all the pricing includes?

The pricing includes the drafting of legal notice only.

Can I visit the lawyer?

You can either discuss your recovery matter over the phone or visit the lawyer personally. We will try our best to connect you with the lawyer at the best mutually selected time.

How will I share the information with Lawyer?

After paying for the service, you can either meet the lawyer or discuss it over a phone call. Both the options are available to you. Only after a thorough discussion, your legal notice gets prepared and sent.

Is it a must to send Legal Notice?

It has been seen as per the recent stats, 73% of the complaints with prior legal notice gets disposal at a faster rate in Consumer Courts. A Legal Notice finely drafted in legal language can make your representation stronger and get you relief faster. It might be the case, possibly your grievance will end at this stage only.

Who will send the Legal Notice?

Once you pay for the service, you can speak to the lawyer and share your case details. Based on your inputs, the legal notice gets drafted and stamped by the lawyer. You can send the legal notice yourself or from the lawyer's office.


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